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Struggling with Addiction and Charged with a Crime?


Drug and alcohol addiction is a growing concern in Georgia, especially during difficult economic times when strapped finances can bring emotional and psychological strain. In cases of drug addiction, there may be opportunities to avoid extensive criminal liability by participating in court-sanctioned programs to fight your addiction. The Gage Law Firm has extensive experience in guiding clients with addiction and may be able not only to provide protection from severe criminal liability, but also a way through a life of drugs.

Now is the time to take charge if your addiction lands you in the criminal justice system. Georgia has enacted sweeping changes in the law that promote treatment courts and rehabilitative efforts over prison time.

The Gage Law Firm has spent years as an advocate for rehabilitation of criminal offenders whose acts are rooted in drug and/or alcohol addiction, rather than sanctioning them with incarceration. As a former team member of DeKalb County's Drug Court for many years, our firm has an intimate understanding of addiction and the toll it takes on an individual.

The Gage Law Firm is equipped to advocate for potentially dramatic mitigation that comes with one's acceptance of his or her addiction and a willingness to fight it. If you are struggling with addiction and charged with a crime, we can consult with you for free on how you might be able to take advantage of court-sanctioned programs that allow for you to fight your drug and/or alcohol addictions within the context of your criminal charges, potentially resulting in not only considerably reduced sanctions, but the possibility of an ultimate dismissal and a life free of drugs and alcohol.

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