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Criminal Consulting

Criminal cases involving mental health can be far more complex than the average trial level matter, both in terms of the law and the practical considerations. Some of the greatest criminal trial attorneys in Georgia often have little experience juggling these challenges, even when they are masters of their craft in the courtroom.

At The Gage Law Firm, we specialize in providing the expertise and experience in the relevant statutes, case law, procedures and psychiatric/psychological conditions necessary to close the knowledge gap and further sharpen the representation an accused is already receiving. While the foundation of the Firm's experience is in the courtroom, thus arming us with a keen understanding of criminal trial practice, we have now transitioned our services to a consulting role in order to better utilize our acumen and energies in the mental health field and, in turn, better serve our clients and the attorneys who are working the front lines for them.

Families can expect The Gage Law Firm to offer an instant boost to the defense team's approach to the challenges mental illness brings to a criminal case. We have almost two decades and hundreds of trial-level cases under our belt that result in a razor sharp understanding of competency procedures, insanity defenses, hospitalization paths and timelines, and established communications with the State agency that oversees mental health cases in the criminal justice system. It is always our aim to help expedite action as much as possible, to facilitate communication with a client who's symptoms may be acute, and to position a client as best as possible for a positive ultimate resolution to their case. We do all of this while allowing existing trial counsel to use his or her own expertise to navigate the traditional litigation concerns in the courtroom and with opposing prosecutorial counsel. It is, essentially, a supercharging of the client's defense team.

To learn more about our experience, philosophy, and approach, check out our Mental Illness & Mental Health page. Or, to schedule a consultation, contact us here.

1013 Consult

Psychiatric commitment is a (most times) necessary but traumatic event for both the patient and the patient's family. It is also a fast-paced, dynamic window of time that can change quickly.


Unfortunately, the statutory structure for psychiatric hospitalization is archaic, convoluted, weighted in favor of the hospitals, and (in practice) extremely opaque when it comes to the patient, the families of those patients, and any rights they all may have. At The Gage Law Firm, we have years of experience with the civil mental health system in Georgia and the Probate Courts that oversee its function. Whether it be voluntary or involuntary hospitalization, commitment pursuant to a criminal case, or matters involving adult guardianship, we've done it all both on the ground in the hospitals and in the courtroom.

In our transition to a consulting firm, we now offer guidance to families via phone or video conference for a relatively small consulting fee. During this call, Mr. Gage will answer any questions you may have about the law, rights of the patient, rights of the family, and any actions that may be taken to expedite treatment and discharge. To be clear, the tools provided for by the law aren't particularly useful, so Mr. Gage takes extra time to address the practical considerations of hospitalization and strategies in that vein moving forward. It is a comprehensive approach to consultation meant to adjust the family's approach to better ensure success with their loved ones moving forward.

If you have questions about 1013s or other psychiatric hospitalizations, visit our 1013/Involuntary Commitment page.To learn more about our approach and philosophy, visit our Mental Health and Mental Illness page, or to learn more about the law, check out our Mental Health Law page or posts in our blog. To schedule a consultation, contact us here.

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